Secure File Delete

Secure File Delete

Secure File Delete ensures removal of file without chance for recovery
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It is a well-known fact that all files which users delete from their computers using standard Windows methods can be easily recovered by means of special recovery software. Windows standard deleting methods just mark file you remove as deleted, but in truth it stays on your drive for a very long time. Secure File Delete is a small utility that ensures total removal of file without any chance for recovery. Use this software very carefully and think twice before deleting any file to avoid losing an important data. When you delete any file using Secure File Delete it is replaced by layers of random data on your hard drive. You can choose number of such layers. The program has very easy-to-use interface. Select folder that contains data for removing, define number of layers for overwriting and press button “OK”. Deleting time depends on number of layers for overwriting and size of deleted files. After finishing removal the utility closes automatically . If the folder you have selected contains subfolders you can delete all files in them too.

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